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About us

Founded in 2004, Cosmoforge is a world-class technology provider. At the beginning five graduates from city of Galle started a research project which ultimately grows to form the Cosmoforge Technologies. The research was to provide advance web application solutions for southern Sri Lankan businesses, which became the Cosmoforge’s major project. From that day onwards Cosmoforge is on a rapid grow and becoming the leading software solution provider.

Over the last decade, Open Source Software (OSS) has evolved into a stable, integral part of IS strategies worldwide. Many organizations interested in implementing an open source strategy hesitate to do so without the support of a trusted partner to guide them through all components of open source implementation. Cosmoforge is that trusted partner.


To bloom as an ever reliable business partner and position as the emblem of quality, to the lasting future.


To contribute to the success of our customers by presenting innovative, high quality and affordable technology and industry based marketing and business solutions.


  • Respect for individual
  • Innovation and Quality
  • Value added services
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Socially responsible